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3d скачать бесплатно

3ds Max tutorials | 1.2 Gb

Chapter One: Getting Started User Interface Overview, Object Creation, Parametric Primitives, Viewport Navigation, Command Panel, Modifiers, The Stack, Coordinate Systems, Gizmos, Modifier Instancing/Sharing, Keyframe Animation, Path Animation, Object Properties, Show and Hide

Chapter Two: Modeling Fundamentals Compound Objects, Booleans, Autogrid, Shapes, Text, Lathe, Scatter, Modeling with Primitives, Grouping, Grid and Units, Real World Units, Object Pivots, Object Instancing, Mirroring, Selection Centers, Array Tool, NURBS, Polygons, Splines, and Subdivision Surfaces

Chapter Three: Modeling Techniques Sub-Objects, Preview Selection, Soft Selection, Edit Poly, Extrude, Topological Dependencies, Radial Symmetry, 3D Snaps, Relative vs. Absolute Snap, Angle Snap, Weld, Bevel, Working Pivot, Quickslice, Cut, Slice Tool, Chamfer, Normals, Subdivision Surface Modeling, FFD (Free Form Deformer), Spacing Tool, Import/Merge, Linking

Chapter Four: Texturing UVs/Mapping coordinates, UV Visualization, Material Editor, Standard Shading Models, Specularity, Bitmap Texture, Bump Mapping, Show Map in Viewport, UVW Mapping, Map Instancing, Material Preview, Material Libraries, Naming Convention, Rename Tool, Multi/Sub-Object, Reflection Maps, Background Color, Skylight, Neutral Lighting

Chapter Five: Lighting Light Types (Omni, Spot, Directional), Target vs. Free, Decay, Attenuation, Shadow Maps (Resolution, Sample Range, Bias), Raytraced Shadows, Area Shadows, Viewport Lighting and Shadows, Lens Effects, Viewport Layout, Asset Browser, Render Settings, Antialiasing, ActiveShade, Environment Map

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